4 Leprous Men

2 Kings 7:3
“…four leprous men…”

The city of Samaria was under siege. The Syrian army with all it’s forces, had surrounded the city, and was starving out the people. The difficult times had caused the people to behave in deplorable ways. Sins so repulsive they are difficult to mention, ran rampant throughout the city. Within this scene, we read of four men living on the outskirts of the city. These men were lepers who were no longer living, as much as they were waiting to die. In this condition, they looked at one another and determined, starving to death was a worse way to die than being a Syrian POW. As a result, they decide to leave Samaria and surrender to the Syrian army.

When they arrived at the Syrian camp, they were shocked by what they found. Instead of being greeted by angry soldiers, they found the entire camp was deserted. The soldiers had fled, but all their supplies were left behind. As they moved from tent to tent, the lepers soon found food, already prepared, set on the table for the officers. After filling their pockets with gold and silver, and eating and drinking their fill, these four lepers began to feel a sense of responsibility to their friends and families in Samaria. They realized, they owed it to Israel to share the good news of their find.

Upon arriving in Samaria with a message of hope and deliverance, they were immediately met with skepticism. No one believed that just outside the walls of the city where people were starving to death, could be a camp full of food and riches. Skepticism, unbelief, and the fact that the message was being delivered by four lepers, caused the people to almost miss out on the only hope they had of survival. Fortunately, a few men were willing to take a chance. On the word of the lepers, they made their way to the camp to find everything about the lepers’ testimony was, in fact, true. Returning to the camp they declared the message that saved a nation.

It is not difficult to see the parallels between their story and our calling. We were once men and women afflicted by sin, and under a curse of death. By coming to Christ, we have been blessed with abundant life. After tasting of the goodness of the Lord, we realize we have a responsibility to declare the hope of heaven to the world around us. As we begin to share, we find many respond with skepticism and unbelief. As time continues, we will find some are willing to check it out for themselves. Some of these who come to Christ, may be gifted to lead multitudes into the hope of heaven.

Paul realized, he was in debt to all men because Christ had saved him. Take time today to invite someone to come with you to church and hear the glorious message of salvation through Christ.

Pastor Jim


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