Cleft Of The Rock

Exodus 34:5
“Now the LORD descended in the cloud and stood with him there, and proclaimed the name of the LORD.”

Something happened in Moses that made him desire to know God better. Faced with the opportunity to ask anything from the Lord his sole desire was to see the glory of God. In response to this, God had a plan. Moses would get away from the people, hide in the cleft of a rock, and listen as God passed by declaring His true character. This event serves as a pattern for how every believer can discover the glory of a God.

Moses rose early and found a secluded place where he could hear the word of God. If we will follow that pattern, we too, will have glorious encounters with the Lord. It is in the secret place where we learn to abide in Christ and discover the hidden truths of His Word.

It is true that God can speak to us anywhere. Many of us have testimonies of times when our world was interrupted by the unexpected voice of God. We may have heard His voice in the middle of a crowded room, hiking a hill or even when we were stuck in traffic. While it is true that we may unexpectedly hear from God anywhere, it is also true that we can expect to hear from Him if we will rise early, get in a secluded place and open the pages of His Word.

Every morning there is a cleft of a rock waiting for the child of God to hide away in and hear the voice of God. Take the time to discover it for yourself.

Pastor Jim


Come On Down

Isaiah 64:1
“Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down!”

As Isaiah looked at the present condition of his world, his heart cried out for the Lord to come. He was not alone in this cry, for the apostle John brought the book of Revelation to a close crying out for Jesus to return. Saints throughout the ages have echoed his plea. There will be a literal fulfillment of Isaiah’s prayer; Jesus will return for His church and He will set up His kingdom. That being said, Isaiah’s prayer has a much broader scope as well. I have found myself, on multiple occasions, praying for God to rend the heavens to meet with me. In times of quiet prayer, as I am about to face a situation that I know I am less than equipped for, my heart pleads for God to rend the heavens and meet with me. In times of corporate worship, as I lift my voice and raise my hands, I often cry for Him to rend the heavens to minister to His church.

Whatever the setting may be, I am fully aware of the vast difference between God and man. We are dependent upon the greatest advances in technology to even get a glimpse of the heavens, while He stoops to look through them to meet with us. What an amazing God we serve! He was willing to step out of glory to die for us, and continues to show us His great love as He meets with us daily.

Pastor Jim