Lacking Nothing 

Psalm 34:10
“The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”

One of the great benefits of being a Christian is the promise that God will provide for the needs of His people. This same truth is repeated throughout scripture in a variety of ways. Abraham heard God say He would be his shield and his reward, the Levites were promised that God would be their inheritance, the widow was told her oil would be multiplied, and Jesus promised to care for us as He does for the lilies and the sparrows. It is not difficult to find promises declaring that God will meet our needs, but at times, it is very difficult to trust them.

I recently spoke to a young lady who was praying for the Lord to provide her with a particular job. She had been on the mission field for several months and was hoping to be able to continue. She thought to approach someone and tell them of her desire to remain, when she felt as though he Lord told her no. She began to discuss it with God, questioning how anyone would know of her desire if she did not tell them. Again, she felt as though the Lord told her to simply pray. Several weeks later, she was approached by the leadership who asked her if she would stay on and perform the exact job for which she had been praying. By waiting on the Lord, she was able to learn that, “Those who seek the Lord shall lack no good thing.” 

We have all heard the phrase, “It does not hurt to ask.” This is often used as a motivator to encourage us to seek assistance form someone else. In some cases, a person may even misquote the Bible and declare, “you have not, because you ask not.” I think it is important to remember that James is exhorting us to pray, not to ask others for help. Also, we need to realize, there are many times when it does hurt to ask. Sometimes it can hurt a relationship, because we are pressuring others. At other times, it can hurt us personally, because we never get to experience the miraculous ways God will provide for us when things look hopeless.

There are certainly times when we need the help of others, but we should not look to others at the expense of being able to learn, “Those who seek the Lord shall lack no good thing.”

Pastor Jim

Questions for Psalm 34

David is facing very difficult circumstances. He has fled from Saul because his life was threatened, only to find himself facing the Philistines.

  1. In his hardship he invites us to join him in worship. Take some time now to worship Jesus.
  2. Write out verse 7 and meditate upon in today.
  3. According to verse 11-14, what is the secret to the blessed life?
  4. How does verse 19 encourage you?


Throw It All Away

1 Peter 5:7 “. . .casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

Cares, concerns, worries, and anxiety are all relatively synonymous terms. They speak of the things in life that fill us with fear, rob us of peace, overwhelm us, and stress us out. There are numerous things that create this kind of anxiety; some of them are real and others irrational, but all of them seem to have the same effect upon us. Peter tells us the solution to dealing with the cares of life.

“. . .casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”

The word ‘casting’ is a translation of a compound word in Greek meaning, ‘to throw upon’. It was used in the book of Acts when Paul was traveling by ship to Rome. In the midst of the sea, they experienced a great storm similar to a hurricane. In addition to being tossed around by the large waves and driven off course by the high winds, they had lost all sense of where they were, because for many days they were unable to see the stars to navigate. As the ship was being beat up by the storm and taking on water, the crew began to realize, they may not survive. Suddenly, the precious cargo they were transporting meant little to them, and they began to toss it overboard to lighten the ship, and increase their chances of survival. When the storm continued, they reached the point where they even began throwing the ship’s tackle overboard.

This is an apt illustration of what it means to cast our cares upon Christ. Sometimes, the storms of life cause us to realize that much of what we are living for, or hold dear, matters little in light of eternity. In the storm, we, like those sailors of old, evaluate what is truly precious and we cast all the rest at the feet of Jesus. Maybe now would be a good time to cast some of those cares at His feet. Perhaps there are things you have allowed back into your life that should be left behind, as you press toward the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

As the storm continued they cast the ship’s tackle overboard. Tackle, unlike cargo is necessary to the sailors. They could not hoist the sails without it. When the storm began, they relied upon their own strength and experience to get them through. As the storm raged on, they reached a point where they realized it was too much for them. All they were accustomed to trusting in proved faulty, and as a last resort they threw the tackle overboard and listened to the instructions, not of the captain, but of the Apostle. Sometimes, life’s storms are allowed so we will stop trusting in our own strength, instead turning to the Lord for direction. It may be that the care that you need to cast at His feet is the idea that you can get through this without Heaven’s help.

Whatever you are facing, cast those cares at His feet. Peter promises that Jesus cares for us.

Pastor Jim