Lot’s Wife

Luke 17:32
“Remember Lot’s wife.”

Lot and his family represent the Christian. Jesus tells us, if we want to save our lives, we must lose them. In other words, life, true life, abundant life, will not be found in holding things back from the Lord, but by giving up all to follow the Lord. Matthew modeled that idea when he left his tax table, Peter and John when they left the fishing business, and you and I when we leave behind our past life, and seek to live for Christ. Unfortunately, even after we determine to follow Christ, we face temptation to return to the things from which we were saved. Satan even has a way of making the sin life which we used to live, look better than it really was. Knowing this, Paul exhorts us,

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.” Galatians 5:1

Lot’s wife illustrates the one who ignores the warning and allows herself to be entangled, again, in the things of the world. She was so caught up with life in Sodom, that when God brought her out, she ignored the warnings and looked back. Her looking back was not a glance brought on by the loud sound of thunder or a flash of lightning. Her look back was a longing. It was as if her heart cried out for one more night in Sodom, one more experience of the sin which she had been called to forsake. Not many have been turned to salt, but multitudes of professing Christians have been doomed by the desire for one more experience of the sin from which they were set free. One more look, one more taste, one more night, one more… And they are entangled again in the sin of the world.

Remember Lot’s wife! Don’t look back, but press on toward the upward call of God in Christ.

Pastor Jim

Questions for Luke 17

  1. What is the subject of verses 1-2?
  2. What is the subject of verses 3-4?
  3. What is the subject of verses 5-6?
  4. How many lepers came back to Jesus to glorify God and give thanks?
  5. I would seem that this tenth leper was healed at a deeper level than the other 9. Explain in your own words what the difference was between the 9 lepers and the tenth.
  6. What was the key to the complete healing of the Leper?
  7. I’ve heard it said,” If you want to know about Jesus’ kingdom, get to know the King.” Where is the kingdom of God?
  8. The kingdom of God will become visible when Jesus will set up His kingdom on this earth for a period of time. What had to happen before this can happen?
  9. What two illustrations does Jesus use to describe what the days will be like when the second coming of Jesus arrives?
  10. It’s always good to ask yourself this question in light of these passages. Am I living for the kingdom of God or am I living attached to this world? I’ve heard it also said, “Prepare for the coming of the King by not being attached to this world.”

Old Testament:
Numbers 3- Faithful In Little
Numbers 4- Service

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