Broken Hearted

James 5:13
“Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing psalms.”

image1.JPGLike many of you, I awoke this morning as I do every morning. My first thoughts were coffee, my morning devotions and my schedule that had developed for the remainder of my day. This morning however, that routine was drastically interrupted. Almost as soon as my eyes opened I was met with news of the shooting in Las Vegas. I immediately turned on the television only to see images and hear sounds more graphic than I could have ever imagined. The sound of gunfire and the sheer horror on the faces of those running for cover broke my heart as I am sure it did yours as well. Scenes like this have become all too commonplace in our world today, but the shock remains the same.  

I am certain that this event will result in politicians, the judiciary, members of law enforcement and other first responders convening and look into policy, legislation and procedures in an attempt to stop these kinds of things from continuing to happen. That being said, I think the focus of our attention as believers should not be focused upon a political argument but instead we should be doing all we can to show support to the hundreds, even thousands of family members, friends and loved ones of the victims of this horrific event. 

While it is not always clear what we can do for those we do not personally know, James tells us that if anyone is suffering we should pray. As the shock and horror of this event transitions into anger and other emotions let’s be sure not to forget that the best outlet will be found at the throne of grace. We should be those who stand in the gap for the broken hearted and plead with God to extend His mercy, grace and loving kindness upon them. 

The world is hurting and the love of Jesus Christ is the only balm strong enough to aid the broken hearted. 

In His matchless grace,


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