Job 22:2
“Can a man be profitable to God…?”

FullSizeRender.jpgEliphaz the Temanite asks a very interesting question; is it possible for a man to benefit the work of God? We all know what it is like to have our children help us with a job around the house. The task usually takes twice as long and produces half the result but we have created a life long memory. We know that enlisting them in the task is more about the time we spend together than the final outcome. This reflects part of the reason that God chooses to use us. He loves us and desires fellowship with us. But Eliphaz asks if it is possible for us to actually benefit the work of God. The idea being if what God is accomplishing in the world can be enhanced by the fact that you and I participate in it. Based upon what we read in our Bible’s I would have to answer his question with a resounding yes. The work of God in the world will increase when we choose to participate.

When God developed the plan to reach the world He chose to entrust the message of the gospel to redeemed men and women. Paul illustrated this concept when he wrote that God placed “His treasure in earthen vessels.” In other words He placed the most valuable treasure man has ever known in our hands. This was done so that the treasure would be magnified above the men who carry it. As we read our bibles we find that this treasure is distributed around the world through the efforts of men and women who choose to participate with God in bringing he gospel to others. While it is theoretically possible for God to write a message in the clouds, He chooses rather to speak through the changed lives of those who have chosen to follow Him.

Rarely will we meet a person who responded to the gospel without the help of believers who took the time to share with them. Most often we hear that a person was drawn to Christ by the example of a co-worker or the changed life of a friend or loved one. It should become our goal to participate with God and be that kind of example to those around us.


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