Job 3:1
“After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth.”

UnknownThe trials Job faced are almost too much for the mind to comprehend. He suffered the loss of his health, his family and his possessions. After a lengthy spell of sitting in silence he finally speaks. His first words express the depth of his suffering. His eyes are no longer on the Lord and his tongue is no longer expressing praise. This time he looks at all that has happened to him and begins to declare a curse upon what he determines to be the root cause of all his troubles.

Job 3:1
“After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth.”

As the story continues to unfold every person who speaks will do so out of limited understanding. They are like a scientist who comes to a conclusion without looking at all the components in his experiment. Job assigns the cause of his problems to the day of his birth. Rather than seeing that everything he faced was caused by living in a fallen world which is under the sway of the wicked one, he looks for something else to blame. This seems to be a pretty common mistake. When things go wrong in life we look for someone or something to blame. When nothing celestial seems adequate we look up and cast blame upon God for allowing the trials to come upon us. The problem is that if we fail to see the real source of the problem we will fail to ever provide the adequate solution. The root cause of suffering is that we live in a fallen world. When sin entered the world all of creation was infected. The fallen nature of the world is compounded by the man’s continual rebellion against God.

There is however great consolation provided within the promises of God. We know that although bad things will continue to happen even to those who love and serve God, God promises to work in all things. We see this happening time and time again in Scripture. The righteous continually find themselves facing situations that look bleak only to find God is working behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes. This was true of Joseph, Moses, David, Esther and many others.

Instead of blaming God we should be looking to Him who alone can turn hardship into a means to glorify Himself and draw others to Christ.

Pastor Jim

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