TODAY’S DAILY READING: Numbers 3-4 & Luke 17

Old Testament: Numbers 3- Faithful In Little

Numbers 3:17
“These were the sons of Levi by their names: Gershon, Kohath, and Merari.”

After erecting the Tabernacle in he center of the camp, the Levites were divided into three groups each with important roles as it related to the ministry. Gershon was posted in the south, Kohath in the west, Merari in the north, and Moses and the priests were in the east at the entrance of the Tabernacle. Each family had different, yet equally as important roles. Gershon’s role was to carry the exterior coverings of the tabernacle. Kohath’s was to carry… Read More
Numbers 4- Service

Numbers 4:4
“This is the service of the sons of Kohath in the tabernacle of meeting, relating to the most holy things:”

The Levites are divided into 3 groups, with each group having a role in serving around the Tabernacle. Gershon’s role was to carry the exterior coverings of the Tabernacle. Kohath‘s role was to carry the utensils, the Ark, the table of showbread, the lamp stand, etc. Merari’s responsibility was to carry all the heavy stuff; the silver blocks, the gold plated walls…those were all carried by… Read More

New Testament: Luke 17- Lot’s Wife

Luke 17:32
“Remember Lot’s wife.”

Lot and his family represent the Christian. Jesus tells us, if we want to save our lives, we must lose them. In other words, life, true life, abundant life, will not be found in holding things back from the Lord, but by giving up all to follow the Lord. Matthew modeled that idea when he left his tax table, Peter and John when they left the fishing business, and you and I when we leave behind our past life, and seek to live for Christ. Unfortunately, even after we determine to follow Christ, we face temptation to return to the things from which we were… Read More

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