Ezekiel 13:2
“Son of man, prophesy against the prophets of Israel who prophesy, and say to those who prophesy out of their own heart, ‘ Hear the word of the Lord!’”

The world never has a shortage of people who claim to have the answer to spiritual questions. It seems almost everyone has an opinion regarding the purpose of life, and what awaits us after death. The same was true in Ezekiel’s day. The streets were filled with men and women who claimed to know what God wanted from the people. Ezekiel referred to these men and women as false prophets, because their message contradicted the Word of God. I find it interesting that the message Ezekiel delivered to them was simply, “hear the Word of the Lord.”

No matter how confused we might be about who God is, or how to react to the issues of life, the solution is to simply hear the Word of the Lord. Our questions regarding life and death are answered for us within the pages of the Bible. God does not want us to be like those who grope in the dark, but wants the light of His Word to guide our life and living.

Pastor Jim


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