Jeremiah 14:10
“Thus says the Lord to this people:
Thus they have loved to wander;
They have not restrained their feet.”

Jesus simplified life into two categories. He said we are either walking on the narrow road that leads to life or the broad road that leads to destruction. The way off the wide and unto the narrow is through the gateway of Christ. In fact, on one occasion, He even referred to himself as the door. The Gospel message is nothing short of offering us a ticket off the wide road to destruction, through the doorway of Jesus, on to the narrow road that leads to eternal life. Here Jeremiah warns of the danger of wandering off that road. He even explains what caused Judah to wander off.

They have not restrained their feet.” 

Years ago, while working in youth ministry, I went on my first and only backpacking adventure. Under the leadership of a friend who was quite skilled, we took a group of teenagers to the southern Sierras for a 4 day adventure. Before we ever left the church parking lot, he warned us all of the danger of wandering off the path. He said there would be things that would distract our attention and lead us astray, and we needed to determine in advance, to avoid these things. He recalled the details of hikers who had failed to heed the warnings, got off the trail, and were never heard from again. Needless to say,we all determined to avoid wandering off the path.

This same approach is necessary in our walk with the Lord. We need to restrain our own feet. We need to determine in advance that we will not walk down those roads that lead us away from Christ. If we start out each day girded in the armor of God, with the goal of pleasing Christ, we will be much less likely to find ourselves wandering away from Him, or returning to our past behaviors.

Pastor Jim


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