Famous People 

Isaiah 66:2
“For all those things My hand has made, And all those things exist,” Says the Lord. “But on this one will I look: On him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, And who trembles at My word.”

Imagine walking into someone’s home, where, on the mantle, they had a picture of themselves with a famous or powerful person. As you looked closer, there was not one picture but many. You saw them having a meal together, strolling down the street, and perhaps even sailing the deep blue sea. If you are anything like me, you might begin to wonder how that was possible. How did they get to be so close to that person, so that they were able to be a part of their daily life?

Isaiah declares, God is so vast and majestic that the heavens themselves are His throne, and He uses the earth as if we were a foot stool. He is the one who both, created all things, and the one who holds it all together. It would seem impossible for anyone to gain an audience with someone so great. Yet Isaiah declares, God looks on those who are poor, contrite and trembling.

The word poor is used to speak of a person who is in want. This could be physically, monetarily or even emotionally. It is a word that could speak of a person suffering depression. Isaiah declares that God Himself looks down upon those in need. It is His desire that we look back to Him as the one who can meet that need. It is natural for us, when in need, to look to others for help. We run to whoever we think can give us the prescription to make our difficulty disappear. Often however,  we fail to look up to the God who sees, and has allowed these things to draw us to Himself. If you are needy, He is watching, and wants you to draw near.

The word contrite speaks of a person who is stricken, lame or broken. It is natural for us to look away from a broken person. If an advertisement comes on the TV for an organization seeking to give aid to suffering children, it is natural to look away. We feel guilt and we feel powerless to help. What a blessing to know that God looks upon the broken. In fact God is actually looking for the broken. He is the only craftsman who selects the broken tool to accomplish the task.

Finally, those who have an audience with God, are those who tremble; not at a scary movie, or the uncertainty of the future, but those who tremble at His word. God is looking for people who will fear His word and do what it says. It seems, we live in an age where most people have only enough Bible knowledge to hurt themselves. They are able to pull a verse or two out to accuse the Bible of wrong, or to justify their sinful behavior. God is looking for those who will hold the Word of God in high esteem, and practice what it preaches.

Let’s seek to fill our photo albums with scenes of walking through life with the Lord. Let’s be people who look to Him, follow His word, and enjoy the sweet communion of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Jim


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