What Love 

Isaiah 62:5
As the bridegroom rejoices over the bride, So shall your God rejoice over you.”

Life can cause us to misunderstand God. In the midst of difficulty, it is common to respond like the disciples who cried out, “Lord don’t you care that we are perishing” (Mark 4:38)? It is during those times, we need to cling all the more to the promises of God. Circumstances are often misleading. If we want to know how God truly feels about us, we need to look into the pages of His Word. Isaiah declares that God rejoices over us. I have had the privilege of performing quite a few weddings. My favorite part of the ceremony is to look at the face of the groom as his bride appears. The sheer joy on his face is electric. God declares his love for us is like that of a groom with his bride. Whatever difficulty you are in the midst of, take some time to sit with the Lord and look at His precious promises. Allow His Word to do the work of washing, reviving, and empowering you to keep pressing on. There is nothing more powerful in all the world than the voice of God. With it, He spoke the world into existence, and with it, He will speak strength and comfort into you.

Pastor Jim


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