Isaiah 18:1
Proclamation Against Ethiopia
” Woe to the land shadowed with buzzing wings, which is beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.”

During the 8th century B.C., Ethiopia was a powerful nation, stretching across much of North Africa. Ethiopian forces were a stronghold against the rising threat of Assyria. It would be easy for Judah to think their safety could be secured by an allegiance with Ethiopia, in a stand against Assyria. Instead, God stirs Isaiah to speak a proclamation against Ethiopia, as a means of deterring Judah from placing their trust in things which cannot help them.

As long as life is going the way we envision it, there is little need to question the foundations upon which we are building. However, difficulty has a way of shaking us at the core. As painful as these shake ups can be, they are designed to turn our eyes to God and trust in Him.

Your current philosophy of life may be sufficient for the trials you are presently facing, and may even withstand greater difficulties; but, be aware!  Only trust in Christ can prepare you for eternity, where you will come face to face with God.

Pastor Jim


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