Self Examination 

Job 15:12,13
“Why does your heart carry you away, And what do your eyes wink at, That you turn your spirit against God, And let such words go out of your mouth?”

Job has been plagued by a series of severe hardships that have caused others to believe he must be experiencing judgment from God for hidden sins. The body of the book is like a debate between Job and three men who are convinced he is hiding something. It is important to keep in mind, while their premise is wrong, much of what they say is in fact true. Here we find Eliphaz asking a very probing question that we would all benefit from taking a few minutes to consider. He asks, what it is in our hearts that is carrying us away from the Lord? Jesus asked a similar question, He inquired “what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” Both of these questions reveal that it is possible to have something in our lives which keeps us from true surrender to Christ, and may even be keeping us from salvation.

Eliphaz asks a second question that gives insight into the solution to the problem. He asks, “What do your eyes wink at?” Jesus declared that if the eye is good the whole body will be full of light, but if the eye is bad the body will be full of darkness (Luke 11:34). The idea is that the eyes are like a gate that brings information into he brain, and if we can control what we look at, we can also control that to which our heart becomes attached.

Perhaps it is time to consider what place Christ really has your life. Have you given Him reign as Lord, or is there something else that is the passion of your life?

Pastor Jim


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