Check your Sources

Job 13:7
“Will you speak wickedly for God, And talk deceitfully for Him?”

Years ago some good friends of mine were involved in a business transaction that drew a lot of press. It was not long before the papers decided to go public with the story. As we cracked open the paper, it was almost comical to read their account because it was filled with so much error and had even misquoted certain individuals. They had not really paid attention to the facts, or those they chose to interview, and instead wove a story that they thought sounded good.

Sadly, this is all too common with people as it relates to God and His word. People seem to be completely unencumbered by the facts as they develop their viewpoint on God, or what they believe to be God’s viewpoint on the issues of life. It would serve us all well to keep in mind the words of Job.

Job 13:7
“Will you speak wickedly for God, And talk deceitfully for Him?”

One of the great values of the Bible is that it shines like heaven’s light, revealing how God thinks about the ways of men. As our culture pushes its value system upon us, we must go to the Scriptures, determine what God thinks, and in a loving way, filled with grace, push right back. Anyone who speaks for God without checking His Word is actually talking deceitfully for Him.

Cultures will collapse, value systems will change, but the truths found in the Word of God are timeless.

Pastor Jim


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