In His Hands

Job 12:10
“In whose hand is the life of every living thing, And the breath of all mankind?”

There are certain truths that, if we took hold of them, and allowed ourselves to be taken hold by them, would transform the way we live, and as a result, the world we live in. This is one of those truths. If we really believe that the breath of all living things is in the hand of God, our lives will show it.

Believing this should transform your view of God. A God who holds the breath of all living things is both powerful and personal. Perhaps rather than viewing Him as one who at any moment might take our life, we should consider Him as a surgeon, whose hand is actually keeping our hearts beating, so we can know Him and uncover His purposes for our lives. A life surrendered to this God is safe in the center of God’s will. Maybe it was this view which drove men and women to be able to give all, and risk all, for the cause of Christ.

Believing this should also transform your view of yourself. Instead of thinking of ourselves as the captain of our own ship, or the ruler of a kingdom of one, we should consider that God is the one putting breath in our lungs. We are dependent upon Him. He is our resource for all things. He is the one that keeps providing all that we need in order to walk with Him and fulfill His purposes.

Finally, this should transform our view of others. If we see the loving care with which God holds the breath of others, we will begin to see the high value He places upon them. This should drive us, not to exalt ourselves above others, but also to put the highest value upon the human soul. One of our greatest drives is for self survival. No matter how weak, sad, lonely or even depressed an individual is, he will fight and scratch for the surface when drowning. The basic nature of man is to survive. When we see that God holds the breath of others, perhaps it will put in us a new sort of drive. A drive that finds itself willing to give all to bring others the good news of salvation found in Christ.

The whole world needs Jesus, and we need to see how precious souls are to Him.

Pastor Jim


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