In Between 

Job 9:33
Nor is there any mediator between us, Who may lay his hand on us both.”

In the midst of all his suffering, Job comes face to face with his own sinfulness. He realizes he is guilty of violating the laws of God and asks,

“. . . how can a man be righteous before God?” Job 9:2

As he evaluates himself, and realizes the righteousness of God is so great, it is impossible for him to adequately cleanse himself. He speaks of any attempt at removing his own sin as a foolish endeavor,

“If I wash myself with snow water, and cleanse my hands with soap. . . ” Job 9:30
It is at this point he realizes the hopelessness of his cause. He recognizes the only hope for humanity is if someone could stand in the gap between sinful man and a holy God. Someone so holy, he could have access to God, yet so human, he could relate to the needs of man. Job could see the need for such a person, but could not fathom the existence of such a person.

The good news, to be heralded throughout the earth to every man, woman, and child, is there such a man. God, in His infinite wisdom, sent His own Son to stand in the gap and be the bridge between sinful man and a holy God. As a man, Jesus is able to relate to all our weaknesses. As God, He was able to pay the price for all our sin. The glorious news of the Gospel is that our sins can be forgiven, and we can have access to God through the work of the cross.

Take advantage of this glorious news today. If you have not surrendered to Christ, do it now. If you have, then take time to access the throne of grace and pray for others to come to saving faith in Christ.

Pastor Jim


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