Esther 9:26
“So they called these days Purim, after the name Pur.”

Feasts were an important part of Israel’s annual worship. In the Law, God established seven feasts which occurred during three different seasons of their calendar year. These feasts were a reminder of the work of God. They were designed to bring the people together, and to fix their attention upon the things of the Lord. Each feast included times of worship, reading of the Word, and celebrating the Lord together. Historically, it was during these feasts, commitments were made to the Lord, and even times of national revival broke out. Here, in Esther, we see the feast of Purim added to their worship calendar. Purim was not one of the feasts established by the Law. This one was added to celebrate the events described in Esther, and to remember the good hand of God upon them.

While it is not required of the Christian to celebrate the Old Testament feasts, it is important we take time to remember what God has done for us; to gather with other believers for times of deeper dedication to the Lord. This should be done on a weekly basis in a church setting.  Jesus designed the church as a place where believers could meet, worship the Lord, study His Word, and establish a deeper commitment to Christ. One of the great dangers for every believer, is to neglect gathering regularly with God’s people. It is not uncommon to hear the suggestion, a Christian can grow on his own, apart from church life. Empirical data proves that to be untrue. Most Christians who isolate themselves, soon return to the sins from which Jesus delivered them. Let’s be sure not to neglect celebrating the work of the Lord together.

Pastor Jim


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