It’s Not About The Money 

2 Chronicles 25:9
“Then Amaziah said to the man of God, ‘But what shall we do about the hundred talents which I have given to the troops of Israel?’ And the man of God answered, ‘The Lord is able to give you much more than this.’”

Amaziah was king of Judah during very tumultuous times. The surrounding nations were a continuous threat, war was a way of life, and the people lived with the constant fear of being attacked. In order to help guard against the enemies, Amaziah hired a group of mercenaries from Israel. Although it was a great expense for the nation, it brought them comfort knowing they had a vast army reserved to assist in the event of battle. At this point in the story, we are introduced to an unnamed man of God who came to the king and warned him not to trust in the mercenaries, but to pay them, and send them back to Israel. He wanted the king to learn two important lessons.

First, he needed to know, no matter what the setting, we must learn to put our confidence in the Lord, and not in man. It is natural for us to want something tangible to trust in; even if it is not worthy of our trust. Like a child holding a blanket or a teddy bear, we can derive comfort from things that really lack the ability to actually help us. Israel’s strength was never their vast army or their military strategies. Their strength was always the power of the Lord. No matter what you are facing, you can trust the promises of God, knowing He will never fail.

Second, he needed to know there are worse things to lose than money. Amaziah’s resistance to obeying the words of the prophet, was all about the money he had spent hiring the mercenaries. It seemed that he wanted to continue with a bad decision, simply because he had invested so much in it already. I have found, some people resist the Lord because they have lived apart from Him for so long. Admitting their need for Christ, is admitting they have been living life wrong for years. Unwilling to admit guilt, they continue apart from the Lord, just because they have always done it that way. It is crucial that we realize God is able to “give us more than this.”

Whatever you are facing, it is high time to trust the Lord.

Pastor Jim


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