Where Are You? 

1 Samuel 28:6

“And when Saul inquired of the Lord, the Lord did not answer him, either by dreams or by Urim or by the prophets.”

The Philistine armies were a constant threat to Israel. They occupied the coastal south of the nation, but not being content with the land they had, and regularly attempted to spread north. Saul, now an old man, is once again threatened by the war. Confused and frightened, he begins to seek the Lord, only to find that in his time of great need, heaven remains silent. In desperation, he travels to En Dor to search out a medium who will tell him what to do.

Saul could not hear from God in times of need because he did not listen to God daily. For years, Saul had been fighting the will of God, and seeking to drown out His voice. God told Him the kingdom was to be given to David, but he fought that, and tried to kill God’s chosen vessel. Whenever he was irritated by he conviction of God, he called for musicians, hoping the music would distract him from hearing the Lord’s voice. Now in a time of desperation, that Voice has been driven so far away, he can no longer hear it.

Keep in mind, God is not actually being silent. Even in the quiet, God was speaking loud and clear. Saul knew he should call David back and make him king. Also, as king, he had his own copy of the Word of God, which he was supposed to be reading every day.

We need to remember, sin will silence the voice of God, but repentance will bring His voice back.

Pastor Jim




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