Leviticus 23:2
“Speak to the children of Israel, and say to them: ‘The feasts of the Lord, which you shall proclaim to be holy convocations, these are My feasts.'”

FullSizeRender.jpgIn addition to establishing laws to govern the nation, God also, established a calendar to organize their year. This calendar set aside certain times of the year for feasts of dedication. The whole nation would stop their normal pursuits and gather around the Tabernacle for worship, sacrifice and the study of the Word. As Israel’s history unfolds the biblical narrative records a handful of times when these feasts were celebrated. We find some common elements that are true each time the people gathered at the feasts. First there were times of worship. The people brought gifts and offered them to God in thanksgiving for all He had done. Second, there were times of introspection as the people examined their lives in light of the covenant. Third, there were times of revival. The people never seemed to leave as they had come. They were transformed by setting time aside to corporately seek the Lord.

It is a good idea for the believer today to set time aside to seek God. Daily devotions and weekly church attendance are the foundation of time with God, but it is also valuable to get away from the normal routine and go on retreat. Perhaps it would be a good idea to find out when the next retreat, conference, luncheon or night of worship is taking place at your home church. Take the step of faith necessary to sign up and see what great things God might have in store for you.


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